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  •   262-215-1198

Every donation makes a difference.

100% of your donations are being used to support the organization and its work

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The Healthy Community Network is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.  

We rely on donations from businesses and individuals to implement initiatives that will benefit the community of Palmyra.  Please consider joining our list of generous donors by making a one-time or re-occurring monthly donation to Healthy Community Network.

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Individual Donors

Scott Anderson

Tess Anderson

Paula Anning

Krista Beaudry

Amanda Beaugrand

Gerold and Sylvia Block

Debra Blohowiak

Becky Bolli

Sarah Breunig

Jen Breyer

Norman and Sharon Bude

Noel Buggs

Lynette Carpenter

Kelly Cooke

Alyssa Corey

Jeanne Cramsey

Lee Cushman

Kyle Damrow

Elizabeth Davis

Jacalyn Davis

Heather DeGrave

Kimberly Derr

Heidi Deuster

Wendi Dickson

Jodi Didenko

Charlie DuBois

Connie Ebel

Michael Eddy

Rachel Elmore

Nora Even

Sue Fischer

Ashley Garcia

Steve Gayton

Michael Ghiselli

Jennifer Gleaser

Nanette Gleason 

Tim Goeben

Steve Greenquist

Thomas Griep

Gwen Griffin

Jeff and Cassie Gugin

Janice Gutkowski

Lisa Hackett

Rebecca Halstead

Glee Hansen

Elizabeth Hausser

Dwight and Beth Heaney

Rachel Hicks

Ann Holden

The Holt Family

Paul and Michelle Holt

Katie Hulse

Heidi Hyatt

Greg and Sandy Jankowski

Joanne Jensen

Pat Jones

Katie Kalvaitis

Jeff Kirby

Kathy Kiss

Mike Klinker

Meghan Koscak

Amy Krenke

Shannon Krumpos

Amanda Kutka

Mary Kutz

Gary and Sheryl LaBelle

Jessica Landess

Dan Laudon

Sara Le Brun-Blashka

Tara LeRoy

Dave Linton

Lisa Livieri

Yvette Loiselle

Denise Lovell

Jean Lyons

Sharon Mack

Kelly Marti

Pat Mater

Rick and Sharon Martin

Amber Marinez


Christine Mason

Pat Mater

Rebecca McKeever

Nicole McSwain

Kaycee Meracle

Scott Minton

Deb Morgan

Denise Munger

Matt Murphy

Shelby Nickels

Doug and Caitlyn O’Bryan

Lindsey Jo Oldenhoff

Carl Olson

Rayna Parrish

Sheri Peardon

Patti Peplinski

Dean Ploch

Mariah Ploch

Carolyn Plucinski

Jessy Pociask

Dan and Jean Poulson

James and Donna Powell

Julie Powell

Michael Powell

Amanda Prange

Corinne Rabay

Cinder Raduechel

Judith Rahn

Kathy Retzke

Amy Rheingans

Bridget Riemer

Jackie Rosa

Marisela Rosa

Sally Rosa

Paul and Mitzi Roscizewski

Steve P. Ryan

Wendy Sales

Amber Sandker

Alicia Sarenac

Dawn Sauter

Glen and Bonnie Schaefer

Jenna Schaefer

Keri Seager

Monique Skarpohl

Kay Schmidt

Stacey Schmidt

Fischer Schneider

Lacey Schucht

Keri Seager

Tim Shaw

Emilie Shew

Ashley Sinkula

Alaina Smith

Sockrider Family

James Sontag

Meghan Sprager

Deb Steinbach

Jessie Steinbach

Annie Steinmetz

Anita Stocker

Sarah Szejn

Lindsey Taylor

Kari Timm

Duke Tischer

Robert Tischer

Whitney Tischer

Tom Torre

Sandy Troemel

John Troup

Lori Troyer

Dave Turner

Julie Van Leirsburg

Virendra Verma

Blanca Villarreal

Angela Villela

Chealse Walsh

Beau Walter

Jon and Traci Wiegert

Brandon Wilde

Connie Wilson

Luke Wohead

Lori Zarling

Trisha Zarling

Dave and Alyssa Zielke

Chris Zortman

Ryan Zuege

Business Donors

A1 Creative Packaging 


American Legion Thomas-Holcomb Post 304

Banco Insurance Agency

Circle K Campground


Cinder’s Sunshine Sewing and Creations

D&L Financial Investors


Eagle Dental

Eagle Elementary School

Edge of Town Cafe / T&D’s Grill

Heckel Tool and Mfg. Corp.

Heidi’s Hobbies Floral and Gifts

Fort HealthCare

Fort Real Estate

First Citizens State Bank-Palmyra 

Gibson Family Funeral Homes

Graphicolor Printing

Holt Family Foundation

Jim and Judy’s Food Market

Kettle Moraine Days

Lee Engineering

Midwest Printing Services

Modern Woodmen of America

Nurse Practitioner Health Services, Palmyra

Old World Wisconsin Foundation

Palmyra Area Chamber of Commerce

Palmyra Community Foundation

Palmyra-Eagle Area School District

Palmyra Elementary School

Palmyra Fish and Game

Palmyra Lions Club

Performance Running Outfitters

St. Mary’s Catholic Church (CCW)

Standard Process, Inc