• Healthy Community Network, Inc.
  •   1100 Maple St. PO Box 419, Palmyra, WI
  •   262-215-1198


The Healthy Community Network is complex, adaptive, dynamic, nutrition-based, educational, and always part of the solution.

Our mission is simple and attainable and always directed towards the betterment of the entire community.

We are guided by the mission statement and our strategic planning follows an organized and easy to follow directional path.


Meals for Families

Snacks, Lunches,
Easter Dinners
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Healthy Lifestyle Promotion

5K Run/Walk,
Nutrition Classes
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Senior Citizen and Disabled Adult Needs

Meal delivery, snacks, groceries
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Infant and Toddler Needs

Pregnant 2 Preschool Events
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Mental Health Needs

Local, trusted, support
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Personal Hygiene Needs

Available FREE of charge
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